Common Problems Encountered by Roofs

If you are wondering which part of your roof is likely to encounter problems, here is a list of the common parts of a roof and the problems associated with each.

The Gutter

This part of the roof is often neglected and tends to be filled with all sorts of dirt and debris. The common problems associated with gutters are water buildup and ice damming due to clogging. DIY gutter cleaning can be done with proper safety precaution and help extend the life of the roof as well as keep the house in tip top condition.

The Shingles

There are different types of shingle materials but asphalt shingles seem to encounter the most problems. Common issues to look out for include premature cracking, blistering, loss of gravel on the decorative layer, discoloration and curling.


It is estimated that 80% of all roofing problems that lead to costly repairs are caused by faulty flashing installation. The purpose of flashing is to provide a watertight seal between roofing materials. Flashing is placed on roof areas like the valleys, skylights, along the base of the chimney, wherever there are protrusions and around vents and pipes. If installation is faulty, water seepage is likely to occur. When inspecting your roof, the flashing should always be the first one to check before other parts.


This area under the eaves may just be the most vulnerable part of the roof. The soffit is prone to damages caused by water from a faulty gutter, ice dams, torn shingles or damaged flashing. If they can find an opening, birds and squirrels also like to build nests in the space behind the soffit. Homeowners also face a problem when wasps, hornets and bees build a nest in that space.


This board that covers the end of rafters also functions as an attachment point for gutters. They are very susceptible to moist damage and rot easily. The rot might spread to the roofing materials and rafters. If the gutter becomes laden with dirt and becomes too heavy, the board trim might simply give up and become detached.

Knowing the common roofing parts and heir problems will give you an idea of what to keep an eye on. If you know the possible things that could go wrong in your roof, you can take preventive measures and avoid costly repairs or roof replacements.