See what makes Kaiser Roof and Exteriors your number one choice for Gutter repair in Mason OH.

Your source for gutter, window, and roofing service in the West Chester area.

Kaiser Roof and Exteriors works with ShingleMaster Company Roof products in West Chester OH.
Kaiser Roof and Exteriors is a Preferred Contractor Shingle Recycled Pledge Company that works with Owens Corning Roofing products in Mason OH.
Kaiser Roof and Exteriors works with Compliance and Safety Gutter products in Loveland OH.
Kaiser Roof and Exteriors works with Owens Corning Roof products in West Chester OH.

Siding and Roofing Contractor in West Chester

Kaiser Roof and Exteriors is a top-rated roofing and siding company that proudly works in Mason, Loveland, and the surrounding areas. We provide a number of residential and commercial services including roof repair, roof replacement, flat roof installation, and gutter installation. With industry-leading training, expert attention to detail, and responsive service, you can trust us to help you protect what's important.

For reasonably priced roofing service in West Chester, we invite you to give us a call at (513) 341-5588. For more information on what sets our contracting company apart, read on.

Locally Owned and Operated

Kaiser Roof and Exteriors is locally owned and based out of West Chester, Ohio. Our small business values allow us to cater to each customer's individual needs and respond nimbly without the annoyance of red-tape bureaucracy. We're not only fully licensed and insured but also wholly dedicated to providing quality roofing work in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

Well-Rounded Roofing Experts

We are a true roofing expert with ample experience tackling not only residential jobs but industrial and commercial ones as well. Our crew can quickly expand to meet the needs of your specific building. Rest assured, no matter what kind of exterior work you need, that you'll receive the same quality service as our residential clients in the West Chester area.

A Company You Can Trust

As a fully insured roofing company, Kaiser Roof and Exteriors maintains worker's compensation and liability insurance for all of its employees. We guarantee satisfaction with every job we do and supply references. We also believe everyone should be able to afford our services. Should you need financing, we will be glad to discuss the options available to you.

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Kaiser Roof and Exteriors has certified roofers to take care of your Roof installation near West Chester OH. See what makes Kaiser Roof and Exteriors your number one choice for Gutter repair in Mason OH. Trust our roofers with your next Siding repair in Loveland OH Check out our Roofing repair service in West Chester OH Allow our employees to repair your Window in Mason OH Get your Roof replacement done by Kaiser Roof and Exteriors in Loveland OH Kaiser Roof and Exteriors, ready to service your Gutter in Mason OH Call Kaiser Roof and Exteriors for great Siding repair service in Loveland OH Trust our roofers to service your Roofing in West Chester OH Email us any questions about our Window repair service in Mason OH Schedule a Roof repair service in Loveland OH See what your neighbors are saying about our Gutter repair service in West Chester OH Leave the maintenance stress to our roofers on your next Roofing service in Mason OH Call for reliable Roof replacement in Loveland OH.

Our West Chester Roofing Process

Replacing a roofing system is rarely a small task. It typically involves multiple parties and multiple steps. Fortunately, our robust roofing process allows us to provide consist, high-quality roofing service throughout the West Chester area.
1. You Notice a Problem   
2. We Give You a Free Estimate   
3. Scheduling Service   
4. The Demolition   
5. New Roof Installation   
6. Time to Clean-Up   
Trust your Roofing to us in Mason OH

WHY CHOOSE Kaiser Roof and Exteriors?

Kaiser Roof and Exteriors has been providing roofing and siding services in the West Chester area for over 14 years. Our crews are fully certified in all areas of siding, window, and roof replacement. Our professional staff includes both installers and designers. This allows us to handle the entire process from beginning to end and construct everything around your satisfaction. As a small, local roofing company, we depend on your referrals to help us grow.

Our expertise in home improvement projects makes us the trusted contractor in the West Chester area. Through our work, we help people create dream homes that reflect their aesthetics and desires. If you’re not sure what you need or what’s best for you home, we're happy to provide you with a free consultation.

Not sure if a new roof or new siding is in your budget? Ready to ramp up that curb appeal in Loveland? Want the most bang for your buck on that home sale in Mason? Then, it's time to reach out to us for an in-person quote on new roof installation in West Chester.


How Do I Know I Need a New Roof in West Chester or Mason?

The answer to this question might be obvious. Maybe your shingles are falling off or your attic has developed a skylight. Perhaps parts of it are starting to sag or an animal’s burrowed through it. Other times, the signs are more subtle. If your roof in West Chester is over 12 years old, it might be time to get a quote on replacing it. This will allow you to plan for your roofing installation on your schedule, not when you discover it’s an emergency.

Can You Fix or Replace My Roof in the Winter?

Yes, we can. While most people in West Chester replace their roof in spring or late fall, we don’t stop working just because it gets cold. Our experienced roof installers know how to safely shingle and prep when the temperature drops. We’ll also take necessary precautions to ensure your roof repair or installation doesn’t drastically impact your comfort.

How Much Will a New Roof in West Chester Cost?

Most sites will say roofing replacement cost ranges between $8000 and $16000. The range is so wide because every roof is different. When considering the price of a new roof, you need to consider not only its size but the old roof removal, the number of chimneys, and the material being installed. For this reason, providing a quote online or over the phone is never in your best interest. To make things more affordable, our West Chester roofing company works with several financing partners.

How Long Will Kaiser Take to Install my New Roof?

Roof replacement in West Chester can take anywhere from three days to several weeks. Where your home falls on this timeline depends mostly on the size of your home and the type of materials used. The weather and skill of your roofing contractor also contribute to the duration of the installation. Before Kaiser Roof and Exteriors starts working, we’ll provide a detailed project timetable. This will help prevent any unwanted surprises.

Roofing Prep Work

When you’re replacing your roof in West Chester, there are a few things you can do to simplify the process. To start, remove unsecured items from walls and shelves. This will prevent them from being knocked over by the vibrations of our tools. You should also develop an alternative parking plan for the project’s duration. Clearing the driveway gives us more room to work and also prevents falling materials from damaging your cars or other properties. Once those things are done, just sit back and let Kaiser do the work.