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Kaiser Roof and Exteriors offers a full line of residential and commercial roofing services in Cincinnati and surrounding areas, including repair and replacement of all roof types, skylights, roof ventilation systems and manufactured metal roof systems. The work will be performed by our expert roofing specialists to deliver the highest quality product with maximum efficiency.

We are approved contractors with these major roofing manufacturers.

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  • Ballace Roof Systems
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Three Tips for Extending the Life of your Roof

What homeowner doesn’t want his or her roof to last as long as possible?

Replacing a roof is downright expensive, and even repairs can really dent a homeowner’s budget. So the best option is for you to try and prolong the lifespan of the roof that protects you and your house.

Pay attention now because we are about to share some useful tips to extend the life of your roof.

Regular Inspection

This is necessary because it informs you about the current condition of your roof. Regular inspections will turn up damages, rots or structural problems. Check both roof and any ceilings that are in direct contact with the roof (i.e. attic ceilings.) On the roof itself, look for any debris, missing shingles, loose flashing, blocked vents. If you don’t want to climb the roof, a good pair of binoculars should enable you to make inspections safely.

Once a year, go up there and walk around – look for telltale signs of dry rot and wetness. Soft spots mean dry rot and dark spots mean moist. Mold is another thing to look out for. If your roof has it, arrange for the mold to be removed immediately by a professional. Mold can corrode roof material over time and decrease the life of your roof.

Do Not Delay Repairs

Whenever you see damages, missing shingles, rots, etc., get on with the repairs as soon as possible. Delaying repairs will only make the problem worse and before you know it, the damage has already crept down to other parts of the house. That would mean bigger repairs and more expenses.

Do Not Neglect Your Gutters

Gutters keep water away from running down the side of your house. If the gutter is laden with debris, water could not flow down the spout and overflow to the side of the gutters. Overflowing water can damage the shingles and roof. If water keeps flowing down the side of your house, it could erode the soil that protects your home’s foundation. Accumulated debris also makes the gutter heavier.

Following these tips can prevent major and expensive repairs and will ultimately extend the lifespan of your house’s roof.

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